Amritsar Shatabdi


Amritsar Shatabdi at New Delhi

Amritsar Shatabdi Express is a Northern Railway train that connects the Indian capital New Delhi to Amritsar, the cultural capital of Punjab. There are two Shatabdis each from New Delhi and Amritsar daily. The train is one of the most popular trains in Punjab.


Both Train No. 2013/14 and 2029/30 run via Ludhiana and Ambala Cantt. 2029/30 runs daily except thursdays. On thursdays, 2031/32 runs between Amritsar and New Delhi.


The train connects the national capital Delhi to Amritsar, both being famous tourist spots of northern India.


The train 2013/14 stops at following stations:


Amritsar Shatabdi with IRY coaches

2029/30 and 2031/32Edit

The trains 2029/30 and 2031/32 stop at following stations:

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