Jalandhar Cantt
Location: Jalandhar, Punjab
Lines: New Delhi - Amritsar
Jalandhar - Hoshiarpur
Jalandhar - Jammu Tawi
Connections: Nearby Bus Stand and Rickshaw Stand
Structure: Standard(On Ground Station)
Platforms: 3
Parking: Available
Flyovers: 1

Electrified: In 2004
Station Code: JRC
Owned By: Northern Railway

Jalandhar Cantt is another junction railway station serving the city of Jalandhar in Punjab. It falls on the prestigious route of New Delhi - Amritsar - Jammu Tawi. It acts as a bypass for trains to Jammu Tawi for avoiding Jalandhar City on the route. Trains like Paschim Express and Swaraj Express stop here.

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